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3 Steps To Getting Rich Through The Internet

3 Steps To Getting Rich Through The Internet, With the advent of the internet, the rich and successful are getting younger. Many are making it before hitting their thirties. Other found riches without extensive capital. While many gurus of yesterday preach a good education, the fact is, many of these millionaires proved that it does not necessarily need a formal education to strike it rich. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Michael Dell just to name a few, dropped out of schools to build successful businesses thereafter!

3 Ways To Getting Rich

1. Understand the route to riches has changed.

By mid 2012, 2.3 billion people were already hooked on the internet globally. Doing business and making it a successful one is never easier. The age requirement to attain the right business skill set to succeed has been lowered. You need not necessarily need a formal education. It is also possible to conduct international business with global reach without a huge capital outlay.

2. Stick to the basic ingredient to be rich.

Genuine, persistent and a good amount of effort is still the basic ingredient to be rich and successful. Secondly, the rich knows income cannot build wealth and focus on making money to solve money problems.

Instead of looking for more lucrative employment opportunities out there, explore the abundant opportunities out there in the World Wide Web. Let updating your resume take a back seat. Focus your time exploring and getting to know the internet further.

3. Tap on the 4 big opportunities in the World Wide Web.

Facebook hit the record of adding a hundred million users in a year and by the 2nd half of 2012, has registered more than 900 million users. Facebook is undoubtedly the world’s most popular social network and has over taken porn as the number one activity on the internet. A recent study by Syncapse revealed Facebook fans spend an extra $ 71.94 on your products and services. With the biggest market base available around globally, Facebook provides one of the best position to profit for your business.

eBay provides the next big opportunities around. It has hundreds of millions of registered users too. At eBay, you can sell your services or product, old or new. You can sell a product as simple as a laser pointer or as expensive as a Ferrari or Lamborghini sport car. How about a plane? Yes, you can. Someone sold a Gulfstream here. The opportunities here are about as unlimited as you may imagine. needs no introduction to many already on the internet. Many shop instead of earning money in Amazon. FBA – Fulfillment By Amazon program in helped Toyburg increase their units sold by 200% and revenue from $1,000,000 to $3,000,000 in a year. The best part of it is Toyburg needs only one third of its effort while profit up 3 folds!

If Facebook, eBay or Amazon sounds too technical, other opportunities are available in the World Wide Web. How about taking a survey and get paid. Some people are able to rake up to a few thousand dollars a week from paid surveys! You can do this without a need to own a website and get yourself busy driving traffic to your site etc. You do not need to write articles either. It is simple, easy and yet very powerful. In fact, anyone with an internet line can take a survey and get paid, making money right at home, at work or while traveling anywhere.

3 Ways To Sell Physical Products Using Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)


Time is money. Instead of reinventing the wheel, copy what the rich do or learn from the experts.


Stay out if you are not prepared to work as hard as you are working for money while under employment.

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