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Do You List in the Summer Holidays?

One of the questions I am asked time over time by people both new sellers and those who have been selling on eBay for years, is “Do You List In The Summer Holidays?” Now I know there are several schools of thoughts out there and neither one is right or wrong, but through this article I would like to layout some thoughts and ideas so that you can make up your own mind and what works best for you the seller. But before we get in to the main part of today’s article let me paint a picture.

The children have all broken up for their summer holidays, it wonderful weather outside, your planned holiday is a few weeks away, so today you decide it is picnic time. The children are got into the car and you drive to your favourite supermarket, as you approach the car park is empty and then you see a big sign saying “Due to summer holidays we are closed – see you in September”, You turn around and go the supermarket down the road, that is open and has some wonderful picnic food, that you buy. September comes and you never return to your favourite supermarket, because the second one you found sells all you need, and offers great customer service. Supermarkets do not shut, during summer holidays and other holiday periods, they are busy places, they run promotions, and their sales stay steady.

The same can apply to your eBay / Amazon business, if you are running a store and have a large amount of product within the store you might loose business if you close it for a few weeks. The human race are very funny people, say you sell clothing, and you have a large amount of repeat buyers who buy large amounts from you, and then one time one of these buyers would come along to buy a dress for a wedding, and you are closed for two weeks, will they wait? Maybe some will, but most people need the dress for the weekend, so sadly they will go else where and find what they want often cheaper and with the same customer service that you offer, will they return when you come off your holidays? Some will, the others you will have lost.

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OK people need holiday’s, so what can be done –

1. Well not go away – but that may not be a good answer.

2. Another suggestion could be, ask a family member or friend to come in and run the business for you while you are away. This could be run the whole show, or if you wanted once a day you could check you eBay account and then email them over all the order details so they can ship and pack.

3. Use a fulfilment service such as Amazons FBA – (Yes even though you may not sell on Amazon you can use their FBA – and again when you sell on eBay, just email Amazon the shipping details and you never have to touch the stock – but you would need to make sure you have the right profit margins to do this as their prices for non Amazon items are a bit higher).

4. Use a drop-shipper

5. If the items are small and light, take them with you! Works for some people.

At the end of the day it is up to you and your business, but if I was you, I would think very carefully about closing your shop when you go away on holiday as it could cost you a lot of business. Happy Listing and happy Selling

Andrew Milburn has been an active member of online auctions and other selling platforms such as Amazon for over 8 years. He loves the excitement of the online selling arena, but he also loves helping other people get the same buzz,

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