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Online Publishing Through Amazon – The Things You Need to Know

Amazon is one of the biggest names when it comes to online publishing. The company offers tools and platforms that you can use in selling your books straight to your readers. If you want to become one of Amazon’s self-publishers, consider the following:

Great Access to Sales Information

With Amazon, you will receive detailed sales information on a daily basis. That means you will know exactly how your book performs on the market. To view this information, you just have to log in to the account you used in publishing the book.

Excellent Marketing Features

Most publishers promote new books for one to two weeks. This may not be enough if you want your book to dominate the market. Fortunately, publishing your book through Amazon will give you access to long-term marketing features. It is not surprising for a book to enjoy several years of promotion from Amazon.

Popular Publisher has more than 250,000,000 users. Thus, publishing your book through this channel will give you access to millions of potential readers. That means you won’t have to worry much about finding people who will read your work. You can just focus on your writing.

Powerful Promotional Levers

You can take advantage of the promotional levers that Amazon can pull for you. This company has an extensive array of marketing approaches that can help you get more sales. According to current Amazon self-publishers, the advertising that provides is worth two or more grand.

Suitable for Writing Multiple Books

The rules and processes present in the Amazon publishing platform favor authors with multiple titles under their belt. If you have written many books, is an excellent place to publish your works.

The Amazon Parrot and How They Are Amazing

Important Note: It doesn’t mean that first-time authors won’t succeed as a self-publisher. It’s just that several factors (e.g. reader knowledge, Amazon’s performance metrics) favor people who have written three or more books.

Good Royalty Options

Amazon offers two major options when it comes to royalties – 35% and 75%. Choosing the 35% royalty decreases your gross income per book, but protects you from additional fees that Amazon might apply. The 75% option, on the other hand, gives you better gross income. However, you should be prepared for additional charges (e.g. distribution fees). In addition, the 75% option is only available to people who live in certain countries.

No External Bestseller Lists

It is likely that you want your book to appear on bestseller lists. Who wouldn’t want to become a “New York Times Bestselling Author”, right? Unfortunately, most bestseller lists don’t list books that are published on a single channel only. That means you won’t see your book on the major bestseller lists anytime soon. This requirement regarding the number of channels might change in the future. But for now, you need to be satisfied with’s own list of bestselling books.

No Actual Bookstores

If you will publish your book using Amazon, you will probably not see it on actual bookstores. Rather, your work will appear in Amazon’s Kindle platform. Amazon offers extra choices when it comes to publishing your books. If you don’t want to be a self-publisher, Amazon can still help you. You can visit and check their help pages for more information.


Amazon is a solid choice when it comes to self-publishing. However, you shouldn’t follow other people’s opinions blindly. Think carefully before starting your Kindle publishing journey. The things you’ve learned from this article will help you in making excellent publishing decisions

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