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Selling on Amazon Vs eBay

Slowly but surely Amazon has been growing and developing. It’s now become one of the biggest selling platforms in the UK… if not in the world. On a global basis Amazon attracts around 50 million (give or take a few million) consumers a month. Last year consumers voted Amazon the UK’s third favourite retailer in a survey. That’s way and above almost every High Street retailer you can name. Yes almost every one of them. (John Lewis and IKEA were voted number one and two by the way.)

And it’s getting more popular with sellers too.

So if you’re looking for an online business then why not take another look at selling on Amazon? And if you’re already selling on eBay why not take a look at whether you could sell even more of your products on Amazon?

Selling on Amazon vs eBay – Why does Amazon have an edge on eBay?

eBay is the daddy of online selling isn’t it? Why would anyone prefer Amazon? Well, the answer is simple: Amazon has certain unique advantages that eBay does not offer:

It costs nothing to get started! Amazon is always no sale, no fee. The really good thing about this is that you can try new ideas and see what happens for precisely nothing.

You sell your product alongside Amazon’s listing for the same product. So chances are there’s already an established market for what you’re selling – with established buyers.

There’s often less competition. As you’ll know if you buy or sell on eBay there are often so many people selling the same thing it can end up going for next to nothing. Great if you’re buying, a disaster if you’re selling. But on Amazon there are categories with little or even no serious competition.

Amazon isn’t an auction. Let’s face it, the auction system on eBay mostly works in favour of the buyer. It only very occasionally helps the seller get more than they expected. With Amazon you name your price, so it is more reliable and predictable.

The Amazon Parrot and How They Are Amazing

As well as that you don’t have to wait seven or more days for an auction to run its course. You can sell stuff the same day you list it.

Buyers tend to be more mature. There tends to be fewer people trying to get something for nothing on Amazon. There also tends to be less fraud and fewer problem buyers. (If you sell on eBay you’ll know that can be a problem.)

Feedback is less critical. Amazon buyers aren’t so feedback-orientated as eBayers. So it’s easier to get started and build a business when you have no feedback to start with.

Amazon does all the admin. Amazon also does all the admin and even handles the payments for you. All you need to do is post the product. (You can even get Amazon to do that if you’re selling a lot!)

Why is it not so good about selling on Amazon?

There are a few ways in which Amazon isn’t quite as good as eBay but, honestly, not many. Firstly, Amazon’s listings follow a more standardised format than eBay. It’s not so easy to draw in customers with a really unique, personal listing for your product.

Also, Amazon has fixed shipping rates. You have to operate within a framework that Amazon thinks is a fair shipping rate – so there’s less opportunity to make money on the shipping. The product range available is much narrower and limited to products in the Amazon catalogue. So Amazon isn’t really suitable for unique and unusual products. (But, you could argue, selling unique and unusual products is too much hassle anyway!)

Lastly, selling charges can work out more than eBay in some cases – the advantages make up for this though

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